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SK-40/SK-50 Wire stripper

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SK-40/SK-50 Wire stripper

Model:SK-40(With adjustable knob)
Stripping range:dia20-40 mm
Weight:0.8 kg
Package:Plastic case

Stripping range:dia20-50 mm
Length:250 mm
Weight:0.80 kg
Package:Plactic case

1.Range of use:The tool is applicable fro stripping the esternal insulation layer of cable less than 35KV
2.Operating instruction:The tool comprises of the base(1).the moving seat and the frame(3)
3.The blade can be held in moving upper part by the screw.And the repairing blade can be fixed on the two planes by the attached inner hexagon spanner easily
4.When the tool turns clockwise along cable, it can move automatically with the direction of cable 
5.It can be adjusted by the adjusting screw
6.Note:The products has the adjusting screw

Codition for storage
1.The tool should be kept in a dry place without dust and treated for anticorrosion

The tool is provided with package.The kit includes the outer and inner hexagon spanners ,and the plastic suitcase for the tool

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