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LY-2D full-automatic terminal crimping machine

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Product information:
The machinery outside-shell and parameter are designed with the international
technologies. Fully automatic processing project includes wire feeding, cutting,
end stripping and crimping.
Advantage: High-precision and high-speed for wire stripping and crimping
Including digital controlling and touch-screen.
PLC control, do not required wire pre-feeder.
Product specification:
1) Overall size: W1300*D1480*H1450 mm
2) Weight: 500 kg
3) Power supply: AC 220V
4) Compressed air: 0.5MPa (5Kgf/cm2)
5) Crimping capacity: 19600N (2.0 Tons) * 2 sets low noise type
6) Wire size: 0.05-0.8mm2 (UL1007AWG# 30-18) with OD.3.4mm
7) Capacity: 0.8 sec/pc (in case of min wire length)
8) Available cutting length: 30-- 9999 mm
9) Cutting tolerance: L</=100MM, + - (0.5+0.002*L) mm; L>100mm, +/-
(1.0+0.002*L) mm
10) Available stripping length: Item 1: 1.0-10.0mm; Item 2: 1.0-17.0mm
11) Cutting depth: 2mm 100 steps (1 step =0.02mm)
12) Power consumption: 2.0KW
13) Detector: with or without wires, wire over-load, wire abnormal variation,
pressure dropping, and abnormal wire stripping & crimping.

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