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LBX-2 Automatic Wire Cutting & Stripping machine (General model)

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LBX-2 Automatic Wire Cutting & Stripping machine (General model)

Product information:
Reliable and steady outside body, use key-board to operate easily. Automatic
computerized controlling with LCD-display.
It can store many messages and choosing any one to run, without wire waste,
easy to operate, and more precise.
Including safety features to allow you operate securely, such as wrong
instruction correction, and emergency function, etc.
Product specification:
1) Overall size: W440×D400×H300 mm
2) Weight: 28kg
3) Power supply: AC 220V /50HZ AC110V/60HZ
4) Power consumption: 300W
5) Available stripping length: 0.2--30 mm
6) Available cutting length: 0.2-- 99999 mm
7) Cutting tolerance: ± (0.2+0.002*L) mm
8) Wire type: PVC,VSF, IK, KV, Teflon, Glass Wire
9) Available wire size: Single wire, AWG # 12-30 (0.05~3.3mm2)
10) Processing speed: L=100 mm, A=B=3, 86 pcs/min
11) 4-wheel driving
12) Machinery parts: High-quality motors and drivers, stainless steel outside
case, Japan NSK bearing, Taiwan brand EG screw & fan. One set TGK inner
hexagon spanner free of charge.

You may download the PDF of Automatic Wire Cutting & Stripping Machine


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