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LBX-1 Automatic Wire Cutting & Stripping machine

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LBX-1 Automatic Wire Cutting & Stripping machine

Product information:
Reliable and steady outside body, use key-board to operate easily. Automatic
computerized controlling with LCD-display.
It can store many messages and choosing any one to run, without wire waste,
easy to operate, and more precise.
Product specification:
1) Overall size: W430×D400×H300 mm
2) Weight: 27kg
3) Power supply: AC 220V /50HZ AC110V/60HZ
4) Power consumption: 280W
5) Available stripping length: 0.2--30 mm
6) Available cutting length: 0.2-- 99999 mm
7) Cutting tolerance: ± (0.2+0.002*L) mm
8) Wire type: PVC,VSF, IK, KV, Teflon, Glass Wire
9) Available wire size: Single wire, AWG # 15-28 (0.08~1.5mm2)
10) Processing speed: L=100 mm, A=B=3, 80 pcs/min
11) 4-wheel driving
12) Machinery parts: One set TGK inner hexagon spanner free of charge

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