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PEX-1632 Rehau Axial Pressing Tools for installing REHAU HIS 311 water plumbing system

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 PEX-1632 is intended to be used expand pipe, press pipe sleeve onto pipe and pipe fitting. Make pipe connection job easy and safe. PEX-1632 is designed with expanding plier, pressing plier, pipe cutter, expanding head and pressing fork. It can be used for rehau HIS 311 water pluming system.

Working Capacity : Dia. 16mm-Dia. 32mm
Expanding Plier: 1 pc
Pressing Plier: 1 pc
Expanding Head: 16*2.2 20*2.8 / 25*3.5 / 32*4.4
Pressing Fork: 16/20 25/32


The RAUTOOL tools are used in the following REHAU installation systems:

•RAUTITAN domestic plumbing system
•Underfloor heating/cooling
•RAUPEX industrial pipe system
•RAUTHERMEX local/district heating system
•RAUVITHERM local/district heating system
With the REHAU assembly tools, you have every installation situation firmly in your grasp.
High quality installation systems and assembly tools from one source, and specially
coordinated with the REHAU range of fittings.


Features for PEX-1632 Rehau Axial Pressing Tools for clamping REHAU HIS 311 water plumbing system:

1 Plumbing System Tool Sets PEX 1632 Used for REHAU HIS 311 hot and cold water PLUMBING SYSTEM

 underfloor heating & cooling water system, recycled water system, rainwater system. 

2 Use in normal installation as well as tight corner installation.

3 Saving of time: with double compression jaws, possible to have two sizes of compression jaws without a tool 


4 Robust and durable.

5 Maintenance- free.



PEX-1632 Axial Pressing Tools


PEX fitting tools Pex-1632 function


We offer different operating modes for every requirement. All hydraulic tools, e.g. RAUTOOL
H2, E3 as well as A3 are compatible with each other and can be fitted with the same
expansion sets.
The REHAU RAUTOOL compression sleeve tools can be fitted individually with the following
•Single and double compression jaws
•Internal spiral spring for RAUTITAN stabil pipe
•Expander bits for expanding pipes
•Pipe shears for flash-free cutting to length.

Hydraulic-mechanical compression sleeve tool with foot pump for dimensions 16-40 mm         PEX-1632E pipe expander


Here we supply the manual for rehau installation tool for reference. 

Rehau assembly tool


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