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PE-1632 Manual PEX Tube Pipe Expander with exchangeable dies

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PE-1632 Hand Operated Pipe Expander with exchangeable dies

Fitting Too fit 5/8" 3/4" 1" 1 1/4" Tubing Aluminum Dies


1 Plumbing System Tool Sets PEX 1632 Used for REHAU HIS 311 hot and cold water PLUMBING
SYSTEM underfloor heating & cooling water system, recycled water system, rainwater system.

2 Use in normal installation as well as tight corner installation.

3 Saving of time: with double compression jaws, possible to have two sizes of compression
jaws without a tool change.

4 Robust and durable.

5 Maintenance- free.

Technical Data

Expanding range







Aluminum alloy


Plastic box




 PEX Tube Expander Tool kit is for use making tubing connections in potable water and radiant heating applications using the process of expanding PEX-a tubing. This full kits gives you the ability to expand from 5/8" up to 1 1/4" utilizing 4 different expanding dies. The PEX Tube expander tool is made of stainless steel with Stainless Steel / Aluminum Alloy Heads. Comes in a convenient carrying case to hold expander tool and heads.

The expansion method involves using an expansion tool to increase the diameter of the PEX tube. Special expansion fittings are inserted into the expanded tube, which shrinks back to shape around the fitting. A plastic ring is then pressed over the fitting to insure a tight connection. Information about testing standards for this method can be found on the ASTM standards page.

TE-1632 pex tube expander   ETM-32 pex expander tool

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