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3 in1 hydraulic Busbar Processor Machine with Cutting Bending Punching tool

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3 in1 hydraulic Busbar Processor Machine with Cutting Bending Punching tool


3 in 1 Hydraulic BusBar Processor/Machine Cutting Bending Punching HB-150W 

1. Applicable for: Cutting/bending/punching Cu Al BusBar 

2. Mainly include 4 tools: Cutter (CWC-150V) Bender(CB-200A) 
Puncher(CH-60) Pump(CTE-25AS) 

3. Fitted with 4 way oil channel switch: Freely choose the working tool 

4. Foot controller: Free two hands 

5. Piston can withdraw anytime during operation 

Specifications of Tools (busbar cutter, bender, puncher, pump).


1. CWC-150V Hydraulic cutter 1. Output 15T
2. Cutting Range 150*12mm
3. Cutting Cu  Al Bus bar
4. Weight 24kg
5. Size 410*275*180mm
6. V Shape Blade: fast and clean cutting
7. Recycle cut-down Scrap
2. CB-200A Hydraulic Bender
(Erective Bending)
1. Output 15T
2. Bending Range 150*12mm
3. Weight 18.5kg
4. Size 360*260*160mm
5. Bending Cu Bus bar
6. Max bending angle 90 Degree
7. With different bending angle
8. with position unit
9. Open tool body, easily take out bended bus bar
3. CH-60 Hydraulic Puncher 1. Output 31T
2. Punching Range Dia 6-20.5mm    Max thickness: 13mm
3. Punching Cu  Al Bus bar
4. Throat depth 95mm
5. Weight 13.5kg
6. Size 350*245*110mm
7. Accessary1 4 Dies: Dia 10.5 13.8 17 20.5mm
8. Accessary2 1 fixing spanner  1 hexagon spanner
4. CTE-25AS Hydraulic Pump 1. Way of oil outlet Single Hole
2. Reservoir Capacity 4000cc
3. Weight 15.2kg
4. Size 310*270*360mm
5. Rating working pressure 700kgf/cm 2
6. Pressure safety Valve Automatically pressure release
avoid over pressure damage
7. Withdraw pistion during operation
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